Texture Paints

Texart (Texture)

This variety of Surface Texture Paint is widely used on Matured Cement Plaster, Ply, and Board. Its superior finish provides an attractive look. It is available at market leading prices.

Method of Application :

  • First Coat : Primer water Base
  • Second Coat : Rustic fine

Technical Specification :

Physical State Paste form
Surface Hardness5 k n.
Thickness2.0 mm
Drying Time4-5 Hrs., Full Cure -72 Hrs.
Thinner Ratio1 kg :100-150 ml water.
Coverage Area1 kg : 4-5 Sq. ft
Surface for UseMatured Cement Plaster, Ply and Board
Fields of ApplicationExterior, Interior

Aro Asia Textured Wall Finishes

Arosun Paints Aro Asia is introducing new variety of Pearl Base Finish and also various fibre Textures, Stone effects which not only increase the beauty but tremendous binding strength also.

Arosun Paints is Texture Wall Finish is a latest Decorative, Durable, Economical & absolutely new generation wall coatings. Arosun is also adaptable to diverse climate & varied surface conditions.

Technical Specification :

Method of Application Knife, Trowal
Dilution Water Ratio 200-300g. Per Kg
Drying time 2-3 Coats as required
Shade Milky White
Packaging 30 Kg