Primers can be used as base coat for all types of exterior & interior emulsions. It has been formulated primarily to compliment the performance of all type of emulsions.

* Recommended Putty on Base

  • Fill surface imperfections such as hairline cracks for a uniform painting surface.
  • Adhere to and cover surfaces thoroughly.
  • Seal off stains that may otherwise show
  • Apply Arosun paints primers on range of painted or unpainted surfaces.

Spreading Capacity :

  • Primx: 10-11 Sq. metre per Ltrs in double coats*
  • Aroprim:6-6.5 Sq. metre per Ltrs in double coats*

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Primx Cement Primer

PRIMX is a 100% acrylic emulsion based paint especially formulated for super performance when applied ...

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Aro Asia Cement Primer

Aro Asia is a 100% cement primers have been developed and formulated in line with Arosun’s core values providing ...

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Aroprim White Surface Primer

Aroprim White Surface Primer is Titanium Based in White Primer it works as a good alkali resistant undercoat and filter ...

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Aroprim Red Oxide Primer

A hard drying anticorrosive primer based on selected anti corrosive pigment – red oxide and zinc chrome blended with special ...

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UK Plus Aroprim Uni-Primer

Interior and Exterior has been manufactured for above grade masony surfaces where a high performance primer is needed ...

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