Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive for Normal Application is a single component Cement based polymer-modified adhesive for fixing a variety of wall and floor tiles and natural stones in fresh constructions or complete re-tiling.

Subtrates for application

Cement plaster/render, concrete, block wall, fiber cement board, gypsum plaster, gypsum boards (gypsum pores to be sealed with a Tile Primer), tile adhesive for Tile-on-Tile (can be applied on existing tiles and natural stones).

Areas of usage

For fixing a variety of tiles (glazed and unglazed ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, vitrified tiles etc.) on horizontal and vertical masonry or tiled surfaces in interiors and exteriors. For fixing a variety of natural stones (marble, granite etc.) on horizontal masonry or tiled surfaces in interiors and exteriors.


  • Ready-to-use mixtures
  • High bong and shear strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Minimize shrinkage cracks
  • Less labour and time intensive ready for use in 24 hours
  • No water curing or pre-soaking of tiles needed
  • Tile fixing from any corner
  • Good shock resistance
  • Tile-on-Tile application
Aroifx Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive
Set in 24 Hours
For fixing ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles
for internal and exterior tiling, including swiming pools.