Aro Asia Cement Primer

Aro Asia is a 100% cement primers have been developed and formulated in line with Arosun’s core values providing – superior quality, unbeatable long-term value, highly attractive finishes and a comprehensive range of shades and colours. Aro Asia is water-based and environmentally friendly, low VOC and low odour. Aro Asia ensure minimal environmental impact and are formulated with special grades of binders and additives. Naturally none of arosun paints water based products contain solvents, formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals and they exceed the strictest regulations for interior decoration products in the world.. Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by arosun paints international quality guarantee.


USES: Interior and Exterior has been manufactured for above grade masony surfaces where a high performance primer is needed. It is efflorescence and alkali resistant and will increase and reinforce the performance of the paints. It can be used on properly prepared concrete, concrete block, brick and stucco. Interior & Exterior primer is also designed for use on exterior wood and plywood siding and trim. It can be used for priming new or previously painted walls, ceilings & wooden surfaces.

Technical Specification :

Method of Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Dilution Water Ratio 400-500ml. Per Ltr.
Drying Time Surface dry 60-90 minutes / Hard dry 24-48 Hrs
Re-Coating Time At an interval of 2-4 Hrs
Coating System 2-3 Coats as required
Shade White
Packaging 20ltr, 10ltr, 4ltr & 1ltr.