Our Blocks

R & D

Our research and development team is responsible for the launch of new products. Our R & D department constantly researches and keeps up-to-date with competitive analysis. This exercise gives us an edge over the competitors. We invest heavily in research and development and pursue every opportunity to produce even more economical but high performing products.


We maintained well equipped lab to keep a regular check on our inwards raw materials and finished goods to maintain consistent quality.


With continuous development of the company’s operations, we also make sure our production processes stay upgraded. The surge of industrial products in the industry has only served as an impetus to our mission of matching the market’s demands. In this regard, the company has recently enhanced their manufacturing abilities.


Employing an aggressive marketing approach, the brand has secured its rank by remaining amongst the top in the industry for many decades. The marketing strategy for the brand has always been based on innovation. The company has been active in its brand building through effective customer care ensuring value for the customers’ money. To analyze the trends and needs of certain market, the brand maintains its contact and interaction with its clients. The system is highly effective prior to new product development and testing innovations in the market. A strong market share and customers’ trust further play their role in making fresh products a success.

We pay the highest regard to health and safety of those using our products and the environment in which they live and work.

We assure you with our Quality with most competitive rates.